Abelin Conn



Hair color:

Brown, Black(Beard)

Eye Color:



Liquid Snake, Genome Solders The Ninjeyzu Clan,


Mario, Link, Luigi, Solid Snake, Misty, Ness, Lucas, Peach.

First Appearance:

Episode 2: The Master Sword.

Portrayed By:


Leader Of The O.D.V. (organization to destroy video games).


None (Without The Ring Of Power)


Staff, The Ring Of Power.

Abelin Conn is the main antagonist of Little Mario Brothers. He is treacherous and evil, and has a want to destroy the world of video games. His main powers lie in The Ring Of Power that he took from Draol. His original goal was to bring the video game heroes to the real world two by two through a portal so that they would be easly defeated. But, due to a problem while creating the portal, many more Heroes came to the real world than he expected. He tries to get as many allies as possible to counter the growing team of heroes.

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